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Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)

Condom Queens hope to answer your common questions within this FAQ, or point you to the correct page where more information on the subject is held.

  1. How long will my items take to arrive?
  2. If you place your order before 3.30pm Monday to Friday your order from Condom Queens will be dispatched the same day. In rare circumstances delivery can take up to two working days but we find most customers receive our condoms and other products the day after dispatch. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for more detailed information.

  3. Will anyone be able to tell what the package contains?
  4. No. All orders, including condoms, from Condom Queens are dispatched in either plain padded envelopes or unmarked boxes depending on the size of the order. There is nothing on the outside of the package to indicate what the contents might be, or who the sender is.

  5. What is your returns policy?
  6. You may cancel your order for any reason within 14 days of receipt of your goods. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for more information.

  7. Do you ship worldwide?
  8. We ship free to all destinations in the UK. For all other destinations we are happy to provide a quote on an individual basis. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for more information.

  9. What are the Expiry dates on your condoms?
  10. Condom expiry dates vary by product, batch and time. Condoms supplied by Condom Queens will have a minimum 3 years until expiry.

  11. How are your products so cheap?
  12. Condom Queens buy our products in bulk. This allows us to sell condoms and other products in a range of quantities. This range of quantities also means our condoms are not always supplied in a small box like you would find in a pharmacy or supermarket. Both of these factors and because we do not attract the costs that a traditional bricks and mortar retailer would do, means we save money and pass those savings on to you. In fact, the lack of a cardboard box is the only difference between the condoms we supply and the condoms you would buy in a pharmacy or a supermarket. Except the price of course!

  13. Are your products genuine? CE or Kite marked?
  14. Yes, yes and yes! Our products are less expensive than the high street for the reasons above. All our branded products, from Durex, to Pasante, are 100% genuine condoms. As such they are CE and Kite marked in accordance with European and UK legislation.

  15. What name will show on my Credit Card/Bank Statement?
  16. Your Credit Card or Bank statement will show a purchase from "KLR Trading".

  17. What payment methods are accepted?
  18. Secure online payments are made through Paypal, accepting the following payment methods:

    American Express
    Paypal Credit Card
    Visa Electron

  19. Do I have to have a Paypal account to order from you?
  20. No. Our partnership with Paypal allows us to supply you with an internationally recognized payments processor, without the need to hold a Paypal account. All we require is a valid credit or debit card. Of course if you do have a Paypal account, you can use it to pay for your condoms as normal.

  21. What if I have a complaint?
  22. We are committed to providing the best possible customer service. Every effort is made to ensure that your shopping experience with us is efficient and professional. However, there may be times when things go wrong. If you have received damaged, faulty or incorrect goods, waited too long, or are dissatisfied with any other aspect of the service you have received from us, then please contact Condom Queens.

    Condom Queens endeavour to reply as soon as possible and we will try our very best to resolve the problem wherever possible. Your complaint will be dealt with discretely, sympathetically and confidentially.

    Don't forget, if you are unhappy with any aspect or your condom purchase, you are also protected by our 14 day Returns Policy.

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